In my industry I am often asked what makes us different from the other Web Design Companies. After all there are countless web design companies out there and in Lagos alone there are close to 300. The answer is simple, we build everything from scratch, we don’t use off shore development companies, we design based on practical experience with careful consideration for UI/UX and we gain our clients trust through standard business ethics for sustainability. We do all our designs in house along with our development.

Our own design methodologies are simple.

  1. We focus on our clients end users and the experience they get from using any of the sites we design and build.
  2. We put a greater emphasis on client’s digital value addition
  3. Then there is performance, we track a websites usage and visitor habits to improve the sites User Experience and Interaction as well as to improve load speeds and navigation.

Now there are lots of web design companies who probably do the same things as well, however, its our methods which set us apart.

Each site is workshopped with the client to work out the pain points of a current website. Then there is competitor analysis, where we look at our client’s competition, analysing what they do well and what could be improved. From there we create the user persona’s, in which we get into the mind-set of the clients end user and create user journey’s, which help aid the flow, development and feel of the site.

Whilst the workshop is a key part of the process, it really is just the beginning. We are a hands on Web Design Company and work closely and tirelessly to meet our Client’s needs and expectations. We believe these values, our methods and design strategies have helped us tremendously in our success to create website for a wide variety of websites for out clients across Nigeria and beyond.

We would be happy to do a free evaluation of your existing website to see where it can be improved upon and if we can help or to commence a new website design project for your business/company/organisation. Use contact us on or call 0814 924 7319

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