For every person on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur, there is a visibility starter pack you are expected to have. It covers your social media presence, specifically Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Sometimes, emails and SMS platforms are included. However, as important as they are, websites are often neglected. Regardless of the size or scale of your business, you need a website, and in today’s post, we explain why.

Here is why you need a website and should take it seriously

1. Reflect your true style

What better way to bloom in your true colors than on a website!

A website offers you a chance to fully express your brand in how you want people to perceive it. It stands as a pretty strategic channel to convincingly sell yourself and make a lasting impression. This translates into an opportunity for you to build the experience you expect customers to get from your business.
It also shows the values you stand for as a brand, your people’s culture, achievements, etc. Details like your general visual layout, brand voice, a solid vision/mission statement, and so much more are elements that come together to reflect the full stature of your brand.

2. Provide Resourceful Information to Customers

Quite likely, you check out the brand, the first being product reviews made by other customers. Other information you need may range from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to Product descriptions, Special Deals, etc. A website offers you one space to organize all this reference information in an easily accessible way.
You may also include more helpful information like how to use your products to get the best results, explain hidden features in your products if there are any, etcetera. There is no limit to the extent of detailed information it can carry, provided it is precise, unlike on social media platforms.

3. A channel for Seamless Sales

A well set up website can sufficiently cover all the stages in a consumer’s journey, from first engagement to final purchase. Plug-ins make it easy to connect with independent and secure payment platforms like Flutterwave and Paystack. This saves so much time as transactions are concluded in a few clicks. Best to keep the attention of the customer “as e dey hot!”
Upselling products is made so much easier on the website. Instead of typing long conversations in the DM recommending a higher value product, why not just show them! Research shows that Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

4. Beat Limitations on social media platforms

Although running a social media business is trendy, some limits come with it. For instance, where the account stops functioning for reasons beyond your immediate control, does business stop? Your business account could be maliciously reported/suspended, or a bought account could develop security issues like password problems with the original owner being unreachable.
Think of how difficult it will be to get back your followers/customers or keep the business running while trying to sort out the issues. Having a backup account is a decent plan B, but a Website is of better guarantee. Your business does not have to pause at any point. Even if customers cannot access you on social media, they know your website will not let them down! In cases where functionality is impaired, there is help readily available to fix it!
What’s more? Customers can locate and directly contact your business through Google My Business. Remember that even your social media profiles also add an option to link to your website. Wonder why? A website anchors your business!

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